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Temù in Vallecamonica in Lombardia

A mountain village at 1114 m, Temù is embraced by the majestic mountains of Avio, Casola, Coleazzo and the Monticello peak, which are part of the Adamello range. There are numerous attractions for all tastes, of natural, historical, sports and culinary interest.

For sports lovers, Temù offers many possibilities. In the winter, ski slopes can be found with various ski lift facilities for all, from the less experienced to Alpine ski and snowboard champions, connected with Ponte di Legno and hence with Passo Tonale, cross-country ski slopes and ski mountaineering itineraries.

In summer, the mountain paths can be used for running or on mountain bikes, to admire the beautiful sights that the mountains offer.

The “White War” Museum, which contains testimonies found on the glaciers of Adamello, is worth a visit.
Temù in Vallecamonica Lombardia

Ponte di Legno in Vallecamonica in Lombardia

Since the beginning of the 20th century, Ponte di Legno has been a destination for ski pioneers, attracted by the sunny basin and the nearby ski slopes of Passo Tonale and of the Adamello-Presanella range.

Its early vocation for snow sports has become consolidated over time and Ponte di Legno (1257 m) is now the most important tourism centre in Alta Vallecamonica.

The ski slopes of various levels have artificial snow provision and are served by modern and quick ski lift facilities.

In just a few minutes, a modern recently-built cable car system joins Ponte di Legno to Passo Tonale (1884 m), a large grassland pass between the Ortles-Cevedale and Adamello-Presanella ranges, on the border of Lombardy and Trentino.

Summer activities include walking, horse riding and mountain bike excursions in the Adamello-Presanella range, in the Stelvio National Park and in the Adamello Park.

The pedestrian island in the old town centre is good for shopping.
Ponte di Legno in Vallecamonica Lombardia

Passo Tonale in Val di Sole in Trentino

On the border between Lombardy and Trentino, Passo Tonale is a natural amphitheatre that marks the border between the Val di Sole and Vallecamonica. It is open to the sun and boasts fantastic views, due to its altitude from 1884 m to 3100 m, between the Ortles-Cevedale and Adamello-Presanella mountain ranges.

The winter tourism and summer walking resort at the feet of Ghiacciaio Presena (3000 m) offers the possibility to ski all year round with its 100 km of slopes served by modern and quick ski lift facilities. In Passo Tonale (1883 m) there are slopes suitable for both beginners and ski experts.

Passo Tonale’s slopes are connected to those of Ponte di Legno in Alta Vallecamonica and hence also with the Temù slopes which run through the fir trees and are more suitable for experienced skiers.

Passo Tonale is one of the first tourist resorts in the Alps to open its ski lift facilities and one of the last to close them.

In the summer, it is a departure point for walks and mountain bike excursions in the Adamello-Presanella and Ortles-Cevedale range.
Passo Tonale Val di Sole Trentino
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